Mobile devices are a key part of business life in which security can be relegated to the background.
Seeing email on the way somewhere, continuing to work on a presentation, or sending the latest
financial data to coworkers has become possible due to mobile devices that are increasingly needed in
working life.
Smartphones, tablets and laptops make work more flexible and productive, but they also pose certain
risks. Cyber ​​criminals became aware of this weakness and are now increasingly targeting mobile devices.
According to data provided by Bitkom, half of German companies have been victims of digital industrial
espionage, sabotage or data theft between 2013 and 2015. Damage: € 51 billion each year. The global
figure, according to estimates by the “Center for Strategic and International Studies” (CSIS) is more than
400 billion euros.
In mobile technology – according to security experts – applications that have not been downloaded from
official Apple, Google and Microsoft stores present the greatest security risk.
Another major risk arises from the fact that producers are often unable to update software quickly
enough to close security gaps. In addition, dangers are lurking when mobile devices automatically
connect to public hotspots as they allow data to be transferred without encryption and therefore to be
read by unauthorized third parties.
Companies have to protect themselves against a large number of dangers. But how?
Smart services offer help. In the age of digitization, the best protection against attacks from the Internet
also comes from the Internet. So-called “managed services” offer companies a comprehensive, easy-to-
run protection package from the cloud that secures company networks, their data and applications, and
alerts them in the event of cyber attacks.
Security applications also offer effective protection, using algorithms that independently learn to
identify even unknown dangers by real-time analysis of the parameters of thousands of operating
systems. Continuously monitoring the functions of mobile devices. The application constantly monitors
threats to the mobile device, analyzes anomalies in a protected environment and automatically initiates
the corresponding measures. In this way, companies can closely monitor any danger or threat that may arise.

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