Awesome Mobile Phone Hacks!

Do you have an Android mobile?
Squeeze it with these tricks
If you release an Android mobile this time or you already enjoyed one, it is worth reviewing the
following tricks that you may not have known and that will allow you to get the most out of your mobile
Android is a platform that does not stop evolving and there are constant updates that can be installed
by the owner of a device on the platform, as long as it supports the new version. However, the operating
system has a series of shortcuts or tricks that can significantly improve the experience of using the
device, and are not always known to the bulk of users.

A Trick to take a photo using the volume button as a trigger-
The photo camera has become the most used function in the mobile phone and the developers have
taken this circumstance into account when facilitating a function that not everyone knows: using the
volume button as a trigger to take photos. Using this button we reproduce the natural gesture of the
camera, but we also avoid possible movements by using two hands when taking a photo. To make use
this function, go to Settings – Camera settings and activate Volume button function.

How will you locate the mobile in case you lost it
There is no worse feeling than one feels when you cannot find your mobile, even when you have lost it
at home. How to locate it? Google has made this possibility really simple: just visit in
the browser or even easier, by typing in a browser in which we have registered our Google account,
“where is my mobile”; in cases, if the device is activated it will appear on a map and we can carry out ,
such as playing sounds or even deleting it remotely.

Get rid of pre-installed apps you don’t need anymore
Known as bloatware, or applications that arrive loaded on the phone – either by the manufacturer or the
operator – can become a serious problem when running out of space or detecting excessive battery
consumption. These applications have not been voluntarily installed by the user and it does not make
sense to keep them on the mobile. Can they be uninstalled? Fortunately, yes. Android allows you to
deactivate those applications that are not needed, so that they do not occupy space or resources on the
device; To do this, go to Settings select- Applications and notifications, select the app in question and
deactivate it.

So you can increase the font of the text
Let’s not kid ourselves: there is no gesture that makes you look older than having to resort to glasses
even to be able to pay the bill in a bar. Those who are still on that border where they are able to avoid
this inevitable gesture, can resist a few years or months more by expanding the source of the mobile.
How to do it? In Settings / Accessibility / Vision you will find the option to increase the font size by
default or configure the gestures to activate the precious magnifying glass.

Schedule the automatic on and off of the mobile
The best thing about smart devices is letting them handle functions for us, and one as simple as turning
it on and off without user intervention can be really helpful. If you have fixed habits throughout the
week, you can go to Settings / Smart assistance / Scheduled power on and off and specify the hours and
days there.

Turn your cell phone into a listening device
If you want to turn your phone into a spy device or a “baby listener”, you’re in luck! Activate the Auto
Answer function, mute the microphone, speaker, ringtone and vibration, simply place your phone in the
location you want and then go to another place and call your phone (using another phone). It will
answer automatically without making a sound! And you can hear everything.

In case of theft, make sure that nobody can use your cell phone
Every phone in the world has its own 15-digit IMEI number, which you can find out by typing * # 06 # on
the keyboard. It is also visible in Settings> About> Device> Status. If your cell phone has been lost or
stolen, you can contact your telephone company to block the device, simply by quoting this unique

Turn your phone into a microscope
Using a lens (that you can find in any laser pointer) you can manipulate your cell phone to enlarge up to
a hundred times the normal size. It is ideal for displaying cell nuclei to children, for example. Also, the
images you record will be digital, something that could never be done with the microscopes with which
you create

Extend the life of your cell phone
The socket of your phone collects all kinds of dust and dirt throughout its life, and this is one of the main
causes of the “death” of the device. So if you clean it once in a while, you will prolong the life of your
phone. Simply insert an air-filled syringe into the outlet and inject the air. This will help clear the dust.

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