A Food Scanner which scan food’s nutritional content

The Food Scanner is a free scanner that, through its barcode reader, allows you to know the information about the ingredients of a food to eat healthy. It is a very practical tool if you are interested in the nutrients in the foods in your food. And it is particularly useful for those who suffer from allergies or sensitivity to certain food additives. Also for people who have to have special diets such as vegans, vegetarians, celiacs / gluten-free, halal or kosher followers.

Buying food can sometimes be a challenge. Do you follow a particular diet? Wondering if a food is gluten-free? Or is it vegan? If it is your healthy food? With this application you only have to scan or search for the product by name to obtain detailed nutritional information in just seconds.

Know for sure if a drink or food is vegan or if it is vegetarian, gluten-free, halal, kosher, lactose-free or diabetes-friendly. In addition, you will also get information on allergens, preservatives, food additives on the nutritional value of food.

Download the Food Scanner today and you will be able to get rid of all those other nutritional value apps since with this you will have all the services in one app: gluten free, halal, vegan, ingredient and qr scanner free barcode scanner .

Main features:

– Instant barcode scanning

– Scan through the phone flashlight

– Manual product search just by entering your name

– Scanning an unlimited number of products

– Share the details of the products you scan

– Traceable history of previously scanned food

– Obtain detailed information on the packaging of a food

– Soon we will incorporate more useful tools

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