How to Make a Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Bacteria are everywhere, so a good idea is to have your own hand sanitizer to take with you wherever you go. Learn how to prepare it with this recipe.

Recipe to make a Homemade Hand Sanitizer

Having a hand sanitizer is essential, since we are in contact with thousands of microorganisms every day. Just think of the daily routine to realize: you leave the house with your bag and keys in hand. You get on a taxi, the bus, the train, taking you from the supports that so many other people have used. You get to the office and use the photocopier, the phone, the door handles. You come home and, on the way, you take tickets to buy dinner … thousands of objects we touch every day, contaminated by hours of other people’s use.

So carrying a disinfectant with you is a great way to stay healthy and protected at all times. Learn how to make a personalized and very cheap homemade hand sanitizer.

Necessary elements

You can reuse a container of hand sanitizer that you already have, well washed and dry, or use any small plastic bottle with a pressure cap that allows you to extract the product in an adequate quantity, and even a plastic or glass bottle with a wide outlet atomizer . Make sure it is clean and dry, and that its lid closes perfectly so you can carry it in your pockets or purse safely.

As for the ingredients to make this homemade antibacterial, get:

– 1/4 cup scotch elm

– 1 large tablespoon of white alcohol vinegar (do not worry, the bad aroma will disappear)

– 1 teaspoon of aloe vera gel (which will soften your hands and leave them hydrated)

– 15 drops of essential oil (whichever you prefer, although we recommend those of lemon, tea tree or lavender, due to their properties and mild aroma).

Preparation of homemade hand sanitizer

In the bottle or in a small bowl, mix the Scotch elm with the aloe vera gel. Stir to incorporate perfectly, and then add the antibacterial agent of the moment, white alcohol vinegar, and stir. You will see that the strong aroma will disappear; Anyway, when you use the product you may notice the smell, but it will go away in seconds.

Finally, incorporate the essential oil to give it the soft fragrance of your choice, and stir well without beating. Using a funnel, fill your bottle and store the rest, if any, in another bottle with a tight-fitting lid.

Once bottled, shake before each use to make sure the ingredients are well unified. Apply a small amount to the palm, and rub both together to spread the product.

With this homemade disinfectant, your hands will be clean and soft, ready to continue with the day without threats to your health and with a delicious fragrance. And for just coins!

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