What is web hosting and what is it for?

What is web hosting and what is it for?

Are you thinking of launching your own website or making the leap to more powerful hosting? Surely you have many questions related to the services you will need. What is web hosting? What types of hosting exist? Which one is the most appropriate for me: shared hosting, a VPS or maybe I need a dedicated Server? Do I need an SSL certificate for my site? Why?

With this article I would like to answer your questions, starting with the most basic and continuing with more complex concepts and extra services that you may need. Do not worry, I will try to explain myself very simply so that the indications are clear.

For your website to be always online and available, it is necessary that you have a web hosting or hosting where you can store it. A computer we are used to working with and a home Internet connection would not be enough to make your website available to everyone.

The hosting companies have their own servers to store their clients’ websites, and are located in a Data Processing Center (CPD). That is, an infrastructure that has the most advanced security systems (both physical or hardware, as well as software) and permanent and secure Internet connections, to avoid possible failures or errors in services.

So … how do I choose the best hosting for me?

When choosing which is the most suitable hosting for you, there are several factors to be valued and getting lost among such technical nomenclature is very easy.

So you can make the best choice for your project, I have briefly summarized the features you should consider to choose the best web hosting:

Web space: It is the space that you will have available on the server to host your web project. Look closely, because each hosting plan has a different space size. For example, in the GoDaddy Web Hosting plan, the most basic hosting offers you 100 GB of space.

Email accounts: The number of email addresses you can create with your hosting. The simplest plans are usually offered between 1 and 10 accounts, and in the most advanced number of email accounts it is unlimited.

Control panel: From your control panel you can manage all services and applications. Create email accounts, install applications or redirect domains, are some of the basic steps you can do from your control panel easily and without complications.

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