Ransomware Attack: All you need to know!

Ransomware is a type of malware designed to encrypt areas of computer and server arming, rendering you inaccessible until you get a payback. The dice of the vitima system are only blocked and the hacker demands a tax of resgate, normally linking or payment to a virtual currency such as or Bitcoin, promising to release or access the dice after the payment is made. Abaixo will explain how a Ransomware attack works, how to agir perante a situation and some important case reports.

How does a Ransomware attack work?

Hackers from around the world ficam de olho em falhas de seguridadnça us protocols and communication portals used by operational systems to transfer data between servers, computers, notebooks, tablets and other mobile devices. Assim that a hacker identifies a lack of security of some operational system, he uses this deficiency for his own interests, as in the case of Ransomware, which is to encrypt all files on the machine, such as a PC based on Windows, MacOS or Linux.

Those faults are generally only solved through the updates that the development companies released periodically, generally before the deficiency became public. Or a problem is that all the fakes are quickly identified by professionals in the area, making life easier for two hackers.

In addition, some users have always maintained their up-to-date operational systems, making this type of invasion possible. No case two Windows systems, it is known that Microsoft released a patch that corrects this vulnerability and protects the computer from remote codes that encrypt or system. For this reason, two software servers and computers are always up-to-date and extremely important to avoid malware such as Ransomware.

Ransomware attack through phishing

Outra comm para para o Ransomware will get back through phishing. Ainda sem tradução, esse termo provavelmente tem sua origina da palavra fishing, which means to fish. Many times an e-mail containing a malicious code or an unknown annex will check your e-mail input box, according to the staff or company. In the event of a phishing e-mail, it will be disguised as legitimate, possibly I tend to be a liar as someone who is passing through an official of a condemned company. Assim, a chance do recipient click on email is great. It is now that Ransomware is used to camouflage its viruses in files or links that appear to be trustworthy.

Assim that or user opens or email disarmed, access a link or just click to download some camouflaged file, or viruses have access to a computer and all devices connected to it. After that, two types of Ransomware started to encrypt the files of the user. To verify or system, or user receives a notification that the given prisoners will be kept as “references” by the hacker who owns or owns two archives to make or pay off. Case or user chooses to pay, or hacker agrees to supply an unlocked senma with two captured dice. Unfortunately I have not guaranteed that these archives sejam recovered, pois or hacker can simply not provide a key to access.

Companies: If your home computer or a company is infected by Ransomware, immediately notify the team responsible for the digital security of your company. In case your company does not have a responsible official, seek a specialist in information security and locate or last two backups made before the attack.

Home users: Immediately disconnect the network computer, isolate the external drives (hard drives or USB drives) from the infected computer and contact a specialist in security information.

Important: To avoid losing data due to malware attacks like Ransomware, it is important to have an updated anti-virus program and always keep or update your updated data. These provisions facilitate the recovery of your files in case you are infected, even facilitating decision-making in case you need to format your computer to eliminate viruses.

Should I pay or redeem hairs given crypto by Ransomware?

A majority of two specialists in insurance, including their own Microsoft, no aconselham or payment of resgates. I have no guarantee that you will receive your volta files and pay hardly any further attacks. Além disso, depending on the variant of the malware, it is still possible to solve the problem using programs such as antiviruses.

Some variations of ransomware that fazem or web block can be solved with anti-viruses are very difficult. You storages NAS Synology possuem resources to fazer backup bare metal of diverse computers, diminuindo or tempo of inatividade in case it is necessary to restoration of a system.

However, when it comes to recovering legal, medical or commercial records, family photos or other important archives that cannot be backed up, it is up to the user to run or cliff and decide to make or pay for a resgate. Some criminal offenses really unlock the archives so you can pay them off.

In a way to guarantee full protection to two archives and keep backup systems always working and updated. We are specialists in backup systems with snapshot resources and Remote Replication, in addition to profissionais systems for data assembly such as NAS, DAS, and SAN systems.

Swallow your project, we represent the main market arming companies such as Seagate, Qnap, Synology and Infortrend and we have various armor solutions that guarantee protection against Ransomware attacks.

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