What Is Super-Fast 5G Internet?

Imagine you can download the Movie in 4 seconds?  Yes this is true.  Soon, this ability will be available in the hands of everyone, thanks to 5G.  5G could be one of the most profitable technologies ever developed which will reshape our world & hence many countries are in race to develop the technology named 5G.

To understand this 5G, we need to understand first the necessity which drives us to develop this technology, imagine the world where everything like mobile devices, personal computers, cars, buildings, home, cameras all communicating with each other wirelessly and without any glitch or delay. Isn’t this incredible?  These smart communications between various sources will ensure that they complete the tasks for their Human owner or a group remotely converting a home into a smart home or a smart city.  Eventually, making the Sci-Fi movie into a reality.

Name 5G

5G name is because it’s a 5th Generation wireless service and has been into development since a decade.

Due to increase in the IP addresses availability it is feasible to be implemented throughout the cities and beyond. So basically speaking we have lots of spaces but we need to build roads to connect them and that’s where the 5G plays the role of a road.  Latency is the delay between one device sending the signal to another & it receiving the same.

This will give a great platform for some of the best technologies still in their early stages. Like autonomous cars, imagine with 5G, these cards will be smart cars and they will be communicating with smart roads, smart infrastructure etc.  some Chinese company named BAIDU did indeed tested the 5G implications and are said to be in developing stage.  Imagine we want to get diagnosed and that will be done in the comfort of our home with Doctors , specialist diagnosing you remotely and most importantly Doctors can perform surgery by using remotely access wireless tools which are 5G connected.  Infact a surgeon had already performed a brain surgery remotely sitting at 3000 km away from the patient using robots with no latency or lags. So 5G will have a great impact on every technology we have currently and the one mastering this technology of using 5G will have a massive economic growth and boost.

Looking at the super perspective of 5G, all the developed and developing nations are keenly observing the daily progress of this technology. Regardless of who develops first, one this is for sure, this technology is going to be impacting and changing the world scenario forever.

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