How to make secure transactions on the Internet?

Going to the bank or buying what you love so much shouldn’t be tedious. The vast majority of banks have internet platforms for you to carry out all your transactions.

Without a doubt, it is something very useful to optimize time, but at the same time we must be very careful so that the money we have in our bank account does not disappear because of criminals.

What are the most frequent frauds?


Refers to phishing in which the cybercriminal impersonates a person or entity to fraudulently acquire information such as passwords or credit card information. They generally communicate via email, inviting the victim to go to a bogus website of the entity to steal their data.

How to avoid it: Enter the bank address yourself and if you receive suspicious calls or emails, contact your bank to confirm the information.

Key logger:

Using software or hardware, the offender invisibly records everything that is typed on the keyboard and stores it elsewhere. So when you make an internet transfer, the victim reveals his data to the thieves.

How to avoid it: Keep your computer or mobile device updated and their respective antivirus. Do not use public equipment to make transactions.


In this case, the offender communicates with the victim through calls from which she is persuaded to give personal information and thus be able to steal her money.

How to avoid it: I did not carry out transfers or transactions through telephone numbers different from that of your bank.


This term refers to the crime in which criminals use text messages where they deceive the victim with false contests or non-existent prizes so that they enter a web page where viruses are stored.

How to avoid it: Avoid giving data by text message and do not believe in raffles or gifts. If you have not participated in any contest, why do you think you are going to win something from nothing? Don’t open web pages from suspicious messages.

Avoid entering the links that are sent to you by email, as cybercriminals are on the lookout.

“The financial market has been adapting to the needs of users, incorporating technological solutions; even for the exchange of currency using the cell phone, highly appreciated among Peruvians for the time and money savings that can be generated if done correctly and immediately, ” online platform for currency exchange, at the time of giving four tips to make safe operations.

Check the website of the entity you will enter

Enter from the home of the entity with which you will make a transaction. If you see any additional item in the link, such as number or letter, do not enter your data.

Safe Fintech

If you are going to carry out transactions through a fintech, be sure to check its website to know which entities it works with. It is safer if it is registered with the Superintendency of Banking and Insurance (SBS).

Do not enter links sent by email

Serious entities do not send transaction links to email. If one comes to you, it may be from hackers or scammers who want to steal your personal information, which is private.

Transact from the same computer

Do not enter your personal data from any computer or cell phone. Use your personal equipment. Banks and fintech  already have apps that you can have on your cell phone. They allow you to exchange money from your smartphone safely.

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