An Alternative to TikTok App, Really?

Google “sponsors” a new short video app alternative to TikTok

TikTok, the Chinese platform that is revolutionizing social networks, continues to provoke the reaction of numerous developers. If we told you a few days ago that the new project of the founder of Vine was another app with short videos, shorter than TikTok. Today is precisely another similar app, although with a different perspective, the one that reaches the market. It also has the peculiarity that it has been directly supported by Google, since it has been developed in a startup incubator of those of Mountain View. Of course, now we will see that the similarities with TikTok are limited, because this app seeks a completely different approach.

An app to learn

Although Tangi can be understood as a social network, the reality is that its vocation is more than teaching and knowledge. It wants to be a platform where people go to learn things mainly. And in the case of creating content, these people have a vocation of wanting to share their knowledge through the increasingly popular short videos. This time they are not as short as the TikTok ones, which are 15 seconds long. But in this case we are talking about videos with a minute duration.

It is a kind of app where we will find hundreds of tutorials where we will be able to learn to cook, design, and many more disciplines. Therefore, the approach is different from TikTok, which normally focuses on entertainment as an excuse for most of the videos that are generated in it. Those responsible for this app are Area 120, the result of one of Google’s “patronage” programs that from time to time provides us with different apps on an experimental basis. Therefore, with Tangi, what we are going to find is a short video app where the theme is learning anything.

This app is currently available for iOS and in web format, although in the latter we cannot enter due to region restrictions, unless you obviously use a specific VPN to be able to circumvent this aspect. It seems that we are facing a revolution in social networks, which has gone from short messages, such as those on Twitter and, to a lesser extent, Instagram, to short videos, which seem to be the new preferred way of consuming content. Of course it is an upward trend, and that apps like Tangi are exploring in their own way, with a different and at the same time original approach.

Although it seems somewhat more experimental than anything else, it seeks to reach a much more specific niche audience than TikTok, which as you know is already downloaded hundreds of millions of times every year, almost at the level of the almighty WhatsApp. Coming from Google, the logical thing would be to think that it will also soon reach Android, and it will also be available globally for all users. In any case, it is an app with a lot of potential ahead, which on the other hand we do not think will compete with TikTok.

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